Golden Bolt - Ultimate Fidget Gadget

Is THIS is the Ultimate Fidget Gadget?

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No stranger to unique and cool designs, serial entrepreneur, David Wiener has been creating all manner of products, fashion and art, for global brands such as Ferrari, Columbia, Nike, and his own company, David Wiener Ventures.

“After 35 years, it comes down to simplicity,” said Wiener. “Sometimes, we overlook the aesthetics of something right in front of us. I’m hardwired to be in a state of perpetual movement. So, when I’m on the phone, or talking or thinking – I fiddle. As a tool enthusiast, I found myself using a nut and bolt as a fiddling device. As a designer, I knew I could add some panache by finding the perfect sized bolt and plating it with 24-karat gold. Aside from its functionality, it’s inherently elegant in its simplicity and a classy fiddle device for adults."

With its 24K-gold plating, the 1” diameter, 2 1/2"-long, 16 oz Golden Bolt (and nut) is a timeless and sleek desk accessory. It comes gift-packaged and includes a custom chamois polishing cloth.
The Golden Bolt is eye-catching and perfect finger candy for anyone’s desk. Seems far-fetched, until you see it, feel it and experience it. When you’re stuck on the phone or a long meeting, the Golden Bolt is a great way to keep your fidgety hands busy.
Long-time friend and collaborator of Wiener, Alan Parsons (of the Beatles’ Abbey Road, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Alan Parsons Project fame) loaned his voice and talent to pitching the Golden Bolt, enthusing, “It’s like a calming warm blanket for your busy mind.”
“I began giving Golden Bolts to friends, especially the ones who are hard to shop for. How do you find a novel and affordable gift for that person who has everything?” Wiener continued. “Once they started playing with it, they couldn’t put it down. Even my hand surgeon said it’s good for exercise!”

The Golden Bolt delivery is 3-5 days (non-engraved)

Want Golden Bolts with Your Company's Logo? Minimum order is 10 Bolts, delivery within 2-3 weeks. Send your engraving artwork to - reference your order number.

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However, once you receive your cool selection, you will know it was worth the wait.

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Golden Bolt - Ultimate Fidget Gadget


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