Cold Vault

Here's a little corner of the store where we showcase the 'super cool' selections of our entire product line. These limited products are special in a number of ways, as you will see upon further inspection.

So here they are:

#1  The Golden Bolt

Forget about the dozens of fidget products being offered for stress relief - this is the one for professionals, executives, companies, and well, just 'cool' people!

Click on the Bolt picture for a complete tour


#2 Super Miniature Cellphone

Need an inexpensive unlocked cellphone for backup or emergency use? Check out this little credit card sized phone here.


#3 Emergency Car Jump Start

Emergency power, whether for starting a car or just providing extended emergency power for cellphones and laptops is always a needed product. They tend to be pretty pricey. We find this one offers the higher power for one of the best prices - take a look!



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